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Bethany School for Girls – Resurrection of Christ Community

IMG 5916Bethany School for Girls is situated just outside the wall separating Israel and the West Bank and has been under the Order’s care for many years now. The school is one of the last remaining Christian outposts on the Palestinian side of the wall. It is situated in a lawless country right in the middle of one the hubs for arms and drug trafficking. No police is present in Bethany/Al Azariya, the water situation is dire, food is intermittently scarce, power supplies unstable at best. However, the sisters strive on, caring for the girls in an environment directly hostile to females.

The school’s situation has been continuously dire, and our work there needs reinforcement and an increased presence is required. We need to step up and put ourselves in between the pupils with the sisters running it and everything threatening it. A more thorough description
of the school, the hardships and future problems and possibilities will be published in a separate project file for Bethany School for Girls.

IMG 5933The school was founded many years ago by the Scottish Anglican converts Mother Mary and Mother Martha who converted to the Russian Orthodox church/”White Rus- sians” and it is this church that still runs the school today. Jörgen K. Nilsson KLJ OMLJ