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New medal of Øresund

The grand Priory of Sweden of Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem has decided to award the medal of Øresund in gold and silver. The medal of Øresund was instituted 11 May 2011 to attention the first investiture in Øresund, Denmark, held 8 October 2011 by the Swedish Grand Priory. The medal will also serve to award beneficial deeds to the Order. 

Friends to members of Saint Lazarus Order has the right to apply for the medal of Øresund.

”The medal constitutes a round medal in gold and siver of Size 8. The front side shows a map over Øresund with Skåne and Nordsjælland in emboss together with the straits water and waves. An emboss cross of Saint Lazarus Order is located over north Sjælland right north of Copenhagen. The backside shows an emboss cross of Saint Lazarus Order surrounded by the text “ ORDER OF SAINT LAZARUS OF JERUSALEM – ØRESUND – ”. The medal tape made of watered silk and has the green colour of the Order cantered. On the left side of the medal tape you’ll se two stripes of blue and yellow to symbolize Sweden’s national colours and on the right side you’ll find two fields of white and Red to symbolize the national colours of Denmark. The medal tape is 35 mm wide (proportions 5-5-15-5-5)"

Make a donation

The medal of Øresund is only available in a limited edition and can be awarded from 1 September 2011 after the application is approved and a donation is registered on the account of the Grand Priory of Sweden, Silver 850 SEK and Gold 1850 SEK. To apply please send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..