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Pilgrims journey to the Holy Land 2011

The Pilgrim journey to the Holy Land took place Mars 2011 including 60 persons from seven countries, of them 13 from Sweden. The journey was a walk in the steps of Jesus Christ starting in Bethlehem and the church of his birth together with the herdsmen’s fields. We visited many interesting places during the week and it was privileged to see the area of Haifa and Acre in the north part of the country. In Acre/Akka you’ll find the last outpost of the crusaders before they was driven out of the country in the end of 13th century. These amazing buildings reopened for tourists in 1990. 

Jericho, the world’s oldest and lowest city was also on the list as well as Qumran where a playing boy found the Dead sea scrolls written by a Jewish sect at the time of Jesus Christ birth. After the visit in Qumran we managed to stop for a bath in the Dead sea which was bewildering experience. Thereafter the journey continued to Olive mountain and the church of Pater Noster, not far away we also stopped by the gardens in Gethsemane with it’s beautiful olive trees. 

We went on a guided tour in old town of Jerusalem before the scheduled vigilia on Friday that was held in the inner part of the Holy Sepulchre. This was a powerful experience and one of the highlights of our journey. The next day we walked along Via Dolorosa and Jesus Christ road to Golgotha. Further on the investiture was held in Saint Anne’s Church next to Lion gate, which is one of eight gates into Jerusalem through the city wall. The journey offered many amazing experiences and pleasant times together with the other pilgrims.

There was also a time for bring new members into the Order during the investiture, among them the mayor of Bethlehem. In line with tradition there were a fabulous gala dinner concluding all experiences and finalising our visit in Jerusalem.