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In the south of Senegal you’ll find Youtou where our Order together with American Dennis Bakern supports a clinic and a school. To access the village we had to travel 50 minutes through a mangrove swamp since the road is contaminated. Current status of the region that is called ”granary of Senegal” is politically instable. There are groups that want to make this part of Senegal independent and therefore you’ll find national police along all roads across the region. I the small village 3 nuns drives the operations in a very precise way, the were keen on reporting all figures for the past year and what has happened since the last visit, all with invaluable translation support from Dennis Bakern. They also had the opportunity to communicate their whishes for the coming year. The whole area was very well maintained with small size farming, a well and solar panels for electricity. Our main concern at the visit was amount of patients. We could only find a newborn together with his mother.