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  • Lazarus Clinic in Fullabantang

    Welcome to our Lazarus Clinic in Fullabantang in Gambia.

  • Waiting hall in the Lazarus Clinic

    From our latest visit in Fullabantang in 2013

  • Lazarus meeting at Karlberg Castle in Sweden

    From our yearly gala banquet at Karlberg

Jackets distributed to a orphanage in the Radovic district

Our Order has in cooperation with the aid organisations Helping Hands, Chance for Children and logistic company DHL in Malmö, donated 4000 hoodies to a orphanage in the Radovic district in Czech Republic. The Hoodies were shipped 24 October. 

Helping Hands sends their gratitude’s to our Order for carrying thoughts and support people in aid. The Hospitaller committee sends their gratitude’s to organisations mentioned above, but also to brother Kaj Holm who’s behind this donation. Finally many thanks to Pär Ola Dahlin for all your support with contacts and logistics. 

Representing Hospitaller Committee 

Lotta Dahlin