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  • Lazarus Clinic in Fullabantang

    Welcome to our Lazarus Clinic in Fullabantang in Gambia.

  • Waiting hall in the Lazarus Clinic

    From our latest visit in Fullabantang in 2013

  • Lazarus meeting at Karlberg Castle in Sweden

    From our yearly gala banquet at Karlberg

The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem

Who are we?

The Order of Saint Lazarus is an Order of Chivalry that has been operating for more than 900 years in the service of humanity and to defend Christianity. In a worldwide community the Order is guided by it’s believes of love to ease burdens for people in need and inspire members to a life following guidelines of Jesus Christ. The purpose of the order is: 

  • to maintain and defend Christianity, 
  • to help and support vulnerable and ill people, particularly those who suffer from leper. 
  • to promote and perpetuate principles of Christian Chivalry and 
  • to operate in a Christian unity.

Where did we come from?

The Order of Saint Lazarus was founded at a leper hospital 1098 by crusaders in the Holy Land. Gerard Tenque who was the first Grand Master of the Order also founded The Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta (later known as the Order of Malt). The first Papal bull who confirms The Order was signed on the date of February 15th, 1113. 

Where are we going? 

Medical and social engagements of The Order have grown to position The Order as an important international aid agency. The Priory of Sweden has focused to be involved in medical support operations in Senegal, Gambia and Baltic countries during decades. These continuous operations have created a history of aid support and further reading is found under Hospitaller operations. 


”The periods of history come and go, social contexts change, but the Christian vocation to live the Gospel in solidarity with the human family does not vary or go out of fashion.”
Pope Benedict XVI, 6 September 2009